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Commercial property located at 1941 E Waterloo Rd Akron, OH 44312

AUTO LOT LEASED IN AKRON, OH – After nearly two years of vacancy, this commercial property finally has a new tenant! The Powers Brothers at Pappas Realty Co secured the tenant for their cleints.

Auto Lot Leased – New to Route 224 in Akron, OH- “Trailers Plus”

“Trailers Plus” is apart of a national company that sells trailers all around the United States. Check out their website

According to their website, “TrailersPlus has over 6800+ trailers available nationwide in many styles and sizes”. Whether you are looking for trailers for work, play or both you should consider checking out Trailers Plus in Akron, OH.

More businesses are finding home in Akron, OH. This site located on Route 224, is a high traffic area and ideal for a business like “Trailers Plus”.

Do you have an auto lot that you want leased in Akron, OH? Contact the Powers Brothers Commercial Real Estate Team. We have an effective system of marketing commercial property to target the right buyer, business or investor for your Real Estate.

Just as you would never set sail without a compass, you should not try to lease or sell a commercial property without a REALTOR at PAPPAS REALTY CO.

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