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Are you looking for a trusted partner to help you maximize the potential of your commercial property? Look no further! At PAPPAS REALTY CO., we specialize in property listing services for commercial property owners like you. As a small business in the commercial real estate industry, we understand the challenges you face and are committed to providing tailored solutions to help you achieve your goals. Here’s why you should list your property with us: 

our Approach to commercial real estate listings

  1. Experience and Expertise: With 65+ years of experience in the commercial real estate market, we have developed a deep understanding of industry trends, local markets, and the factors that drive property value. Our team of dedicated professionals at PAPPAS REALTY CO. combines their expertise with cutting-edge technology and market intelligence to deliver exceptional results.
  2. Personalized Approach: As a small business, we take pride in our ability to provide personalized attention to every client. We understand that every property is unique, and we tailor our strategies to meet your specific objectives. As a commercial property owner when you’re looking to sell, lease, or find the right tenants, we work closely with you to develop a customized plan that aligns with your vision and maximizes your property’s potential.
  3. Extensive Network: Our strong network of industry contacts and potential buyers/tenants allows us to reach a wide audience and attract qualified prospects for your property. We utilize a multi-channel marketing approach that leverages online platforms, targeted advertising, social media, and traditional channels to ensure maximum visibility and exposure for your listing.
  4. Negotiation Skills: Negotiating favorable terms and securing the best possible deal for our clients is our top priority. Our experienced negotiators are skilled at navigating complex transactions and ensuring that your interests are protected. We work diligently to achieve optimal outcomes, whether it’s securing a higher sale price, negotiating favorable lease terms, or finding the perfect tenant for your property.
  5. Seamless Transaction Management: We understand that the process of selling or leasing a commercial property can be complex and time-consuming. That’s why we handle every aspect of the transaction with utmost care and attention to detail. From property valuation and marketing to tenant screening, contract negotiations, and closing, we manage the entire process, allowing you to focus on your core business while we handle the real estate side.
  6. Trust and Integrity: As a small business, our reputation is everything to us. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, transparency, and integrity. You can rely on us to provide honest advice, communicate openly, and act in your best interests at all times
  7. 5 Star Google Rating: We are the highest rated commercial real estate company in Greater Akron, OH.
  8. Communication: We strive to provide clear communication and feedback throughout the life of listing your property to the successful sale/lease.
  9. PEACE OF MIND: From a former client, “In addition to what they each bring to the table as brokers and realtors, they are just good, decent, likable human beings and that made this entire process so much less stressful and intimidating, and dare I say, even enjoyable at times!

Top Rated commercial real estate company in Akron, OH

Testimonials from satisfied clients and customers

Cuyahoga Valley Psychological
Cuyahoga Valley Psychological
Diane Moran, Ph.D.
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As first time business tenants, we were uncertain of all things related to finding commercial space, understanding the lingo, and negotiating a contract. We read about using a tenant broker and had passing familiarity with Pappas Realty, so decided to give them a call. Pat and Steve were phenomenal! We worked with both of them. They were professional and knowledgeable at the same time that they were both reassuringly casual and low-key (in the best possible way). They were flexible and generous with their time and willing to educate us. In the end, they helped us find the perfect space for our practice and acted as our advocates in negotiating the lease while dealing fairly and respectfully with our new landlord's representative. In addition to what they each bring to the table as brokers and realtors, they are just good, decent, likable human beings and that made this entire process so much less stressful and intimidating, and dare I say, even enjoyable at times!
Bruce & Cos
Bruce & Cos
Cypress Ventures Group, Multifamily and Self Storage Holdings
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We purchased our Mini Storage business from Pat and Steve (Cypress Ellet Mini Storage). So far, so good since we took over earlier this month. A pretty smooth transaction despite bumps in the road that were out of Pat's control. Pat's attentiveness was outstanding. Thanks for the deal. We look forward to more deals in the future.
Janire Mendez
Janire Mendez
Owner/Operator of of El Malecon Mexican Grill
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Loved working with Steve and Patrick. They were both very helpful in getting me through the process of financing and helping me understand paperwork. They were very patient with me in helping me find the perfect building. We went to multiple locations and they were always very helpful. I would definitely recommend them to be your real estate agents!
Doreen Caler
Doreen Caler
Property and Business Owner
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I highly recommend Pappas Realty Company. Patrick and Stephen are both professional and knowledgeable in putting commercial property on the market. They provide ongoing communications to keep you completely informed. Their market research, property evaluation and analysis, and ability to target potential buyers resulted in the timely sale of our commercial property. Pappas Realty Company should be your first call if you want to sell or buy commercial property. Thank you Patrick and Stephen for the outstanding service on the sale of our commercial property!
Jim Bowers
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Patrick and Stephen Powers sold our building in a tough market, and overcame some very difficult issues with expert professionalism and remarkable diplomacy. I was more than pleased with their performance, communication and acumen. Their youth belies their experience. They are a continuation of a distinguished family commercial real estate practice. I have them searching for a new investment for us now. Thank you Pappas Realty!
Domenic F.
Real Estate Investor
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I recently purchased a portfolio deal of investment properties that Pappas had listed. By the end of the transaction I gained a great deal of respect for both Pat and Steve Powers. They were wonderful to deal with and I look forward to working with them on future opportunities. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Thanks guys
Matt Barkis
Matt BarkisOwner/Operator of Altieri's Pizza in Stow, OH
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If anyone is looking for a place to start a new business or even expand your existing business YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED! These are your guys! Lots of locations in great spots! Altieri’s Pizza has been renting from Pappas realty for over 20yrs. And not once have I had a single complaint. I don’t know of any other commercial real estate company where they are willing to work with there clients as much as they do And make dreams into a reality. I can honestly say at the end of the day Pappas realty feels more like a friendship than a business transaction.
Bryan Cargill
Bryan Cargill
IP3 Repair, Business Owner in Stow, OH
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"Steve, Pat and Mike are great to deal with. I’ve been renting retail from Pappas for nearly 3 yrs and have never had an issue, super when my water line busted...they were here in 10 minutes and on the phone immediately. If you are looking for property for purchase or rent, don’t hesitate to contacted them, glad I did! Thanks guys"
Amanda Boyd
Business Owner and Real Estate Investor
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"Patrick is always up for anything and is patient and advisory with my sometimes unconventional approach to investment property. He’s always my first (and 2400th) phonecall!"
Manohar Y.
Commercial Investor & Business Owner
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"Pat and Steve are the best people I have worked with. They marketed our commercial property very well and keep the progress up to date on weekly basis. The entire sale process of our property went so smooth."

Be apart of the success of many other before that have chosen PAPPAS REALTY CO. as their trusted commercial real estate source.

Services we offer for commercial property owners

As a real estate agent, working with property owners to sell their commercial building requires a comprehensive approach and good communication skills. Listed below is a general overview of the process by which we will succeed in getting your commercial property SOLD!:

  1. MARKET ANALYSIS & ADVISING: Get a thorough understanding of the local real estate market, including the demand and supply dynamics, as well as the current prices of similar commercial properties in the area.

  2. PREPARING THE COMMERCIAL PROPERTY: Encourage ownership to prepare the property for sale, this may include cleaning and repainting the building, making necessary repairs, and even staging the space.

  3. PRICING: Set a realistic asking price based on the market analysis and the property’s condition. Price it too high, and it may not sell; price it too low, and the owner may miss out on potential profits.

  4. MARKETING MATERIALS: Create high-quality marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers, and property websites, to showcase the property’s features and benefits.

  5. EXTENSIVE NETWORK: Reach out to your network of real estate agents, investors, and commercial brokers to let them know about the property. Also, use online listings and advertising to reach a larger audience.

  6. SHOWINGS: Schedule tours and walkthroughs for potential buyers and make sure the property is in its best condition.

  7. NEGOTIATION AND CLOSING: When you receive an offer, work with the owner to negotiate the terms of the sale and ensure that all the necessary paperwork is completed.

By following these steps, we have found success in with transactions of all sizes from multimillion dollar deals to one year leases on retail spaces. 

Local, Trusted and Experienced.

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